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Experience a unique stay, immersed in nature, within 8 acres of a lush mango orchard on the fringes of the Sasan Gir forest. Woods at Sasan offers luxurious, independent living spaces, each with its own private garden; open skies and surrounded by acres of gently waving grass and thickets of trees.

With excellent dining options, bespoke Ayurveda, Yoga and Wellness programs, exciting local Experiences and a host of on-site Nature activities, Woods at Sasan is an ideal break from city life – a time to relax, unwind and discover joy.

Experience Boards

Woods at Sasan is pleased to bring you a series of Experience Boards which comprise curated special offers dedicated to holistic well-being, festivities and celebrations, work or wellness vacations, recreational or therapeutic activities, and much more. Our Experience Boards draw upon the sensibilities of both traditional and modern design-led practices to ensure that your stay with us is meaningful and multidimensional.

stayThe Stay

Spacious and sustainably crafted, each with a private outdoor terrace, our Stays come with floor-to-ceiling glass windows and doors for an unmatched view of the surrounding gardens or forest.

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Dining Dining

Our four restaurants offer a selection of seasonally varying dishes inspired by the rich variety of local produce.

Savour regional and continental delicacies or explore our curated gourmet Experiences at select local destinations.


“A safari to spot lions in the wild. Early morning birdwatching expeditions. An interactive session with local artisans” - know more about the history, culture and lifestyle of the people of Sasan Gir through our curated Experiences.

Our team helps plan authentic experiences of the people and the place – be it a wood-fired ethnic lunch in the heart of the jungle, a trip to the temple of Somnath or a tour of the ancient city of Junagadh.

Som Wellness Som Wellness

At Som, our forest Wellness retreat, personalised Ayurveda and Yoga regimes under the guidance of our expert practitioners form the core of your Wellness journey.

Bespoke detox diets, medicinal herb treatments, rejuvenating spa treatments and more help cleanse and heal the body, mind, and spirit.

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