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Everything makes more sense when you are surrounded by nature. A secluded corner encircled by Gir forest expanse with spaces designed to inspire and an environment that strengthens your energy is the best place to socially isolate yourself.

Located in a mango orchard, Woods at Sasan extends unique experiences filled with nature’s wonders. When things are unpredictable, engaging with nature and taking in a regular dose of well-being is what you need to do in this era of new normal.

We offer you a safe Bio(philic) Bubble

Biophilia refers to the desire for affiliation with other forms of life. Genetically coded humans heal in the presence of nature. Our spaces & structures are designed to bring one closer to nature and with the self through continuous visual relationships with lush green landscape, sky, natural light, season, and other phenomena. Woods at Sasan is a secluded place set amidst Gir forest in a bio-diverse mango orchard, a well-protected safe bubble away from urban problems.

With the recent surge in COVID 19 cases in India, We have introduced the “Bio(Philic) bubble” to ensure the highest hygiene requirements & precautionary measures mandated by the WHO, as well as the current government and tourism industry recommendations are followed thoroughly to keep you & your family safe and protected.

Nature in its pure undisturbed form offers the best healing and strength.
  • retreatIsolated Retreat
  • FarmBio-Diverse Open Farm
  • forestEncircled by the Gir Forest
  • mealsThoughtful Meals
  • spacesIndependent Living Spaces
The Concept ofBio(philic) Bubble

Woods at Sasan has made every attempt to provide a tranquil atmosphere for our guests, to spend quality time with their loved ones in an open space that gives the comfort of being protected as well exposed to the natural world outdoors.

We have created a “Bio (Philic) bubble” that isn’t just a safe space in a green zone; it’s the protocol we’ve devised for cocooning in an isolated retreat with friends you feel comfortable and safe with. As a result, the steps enumerated in this protocol are aimed at maximizing the property’s and its Guests’ protection for a relaxed and healthy stay away from the noise in a private Island of wellbeing. Precautions & numerous steps are taken to eliminate the possibility of contamination. Centered on Ministry of tourism Covid Protocols, FSSAI law, and industry best practices, Equinox Labs has accredited Woods at Sasan as a ‘Safe Place to Stay.’

We strictly adhere to protective measures for your wellbeing, from thorough sanitization processes to enforcing mandatory guidelines such as retaining social distancing. During these difficult times, we assist you in strengthening your social, emotional, and physical wellbeing so that you can reconnect with your inner self.


Indulgence in Immersive Experiences aids your body and mind to relax, leading you to heal from within. There are countless opportunities to experience the abundance of nature at Woods at Sasan. Our local horticulture expert takes you on a farming session, where one learns of how food reaches their tables. When you witness the little but rare happenings such as the setting sun beside the rising moon and the twinkling of stars on the dark sky, you experience the treasures nature has to offer you. Our orchard retreat takes you on a journey full of serene experiences that help you rejuvenate holistically. One can take a tour of the Som garden and learn about indigenous medicinal herbs. Incorporating existing physical and systemic natural patterns, re-aligns us subconsciously. Such experiences subconsciously satisfy our deep-rooted desire to engage with natural systems.

We work towards strengthening people’s sense of security in the ambience of luxury and comforts with an opportunity to relax & learn, and give them back their sense of confidence in themselves while recovering from their vulnerable emotions and feelings.

dedicated to holistic wellbeingEXPERIENCE BOARDS

Break the Monotony, Embrace the Serenity. Walk on the road to the wilderness and create timeless memories. Woods at Sasan extends thoughtfully curated experiences to help you embark on a journey that matters.

WHEN Wellbeing is the New Normal

Life is all about experiences that inspire purpose and promote connection. As we drive towards following the most required practice of ‘Wellbeing is the new normal,’ Woods at Sasan focuses on new interactions of extending a carefully curated experience board that focuses on wellness routines like ayurvedic therapies, yoga-meditation sessions, sattvic food to therapeutic experiences like stargazing, pottery, nature excursions, merry BBQs and sundown tea. This Experience Board covers every aspect of holistic wellbeing. As we all know that, there is no greater blessing than the Gift of Wellbeing for your loved ones. Our programs are designed to take each guest’s journey of healing to a holistic dimension.


Woods at Sasan places a high value on the health and wellbeing of our guests and associates. We are constantly striving to redefine the guest experience so that individual attention and thoughtful assistance are not jeopardised by safety protocols. We have carefully tailored our hospitality in this new normal so that our visitors can continue to enjoy our opulent offerings and unique experiences with confidence and feel as welcome and relaxed as they did before.

We stringently follow preventive measures which consist of RT-PCR Negative Test Report with a Swab collection time Stamp of not more than 72 hours prior to check-in time, Baggage sanitising with fogging and UV, sanitised surfaces in Rooms, Restaurant, Spa and other public areas will be continuously checked with ATP monitoring device to ascertain the efficiency of cleaning and sanitisation, providing Digital menus for guests to either pre-order from rooms or order when seated in the restaurant, all staff members at the resort will be tested for COVID 19 every 15 days & numerous other procedures for you to enjoy your stay with safety.

Equinox Labs has certified the orchard retreat in a secluded corner of Gir’s rural area as a ‘Safe Place to Stay,’


Yes, testing will be done as per the Government’s guidelines.

Yes, based on the guidelines of the state government. As of now it is not applicable.

Yes, from your home state you need to follow the guidelines.

Government protocols are must for you to follow. Use of masks and sanitizers are important.

Different airlines follow their routine procedures in newer ways because of Covid, kindly check with the airline.

Airline will take necessary action before boarding.

Yes, procedures have changed as per different airlines, kindly check with respective airlines.

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