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The Heart of Regional Indian Cuisine

Celebrating Indian Regional Cuisine

Our signature restaurant, Swadesh or ‘my country’ reflects the unique local flavours of a region. We carry the concept across the Indian landscape, adapting the best of local cuisines into a medley of recipes that sing of the soul of the land.

By combining the best of the gastronomic heritage of each area with modern culinary techniques, we offer unique dining experiences that transcend borders - forgotten flavours and authentic recipes served up with a refreshing twist.

Sample the taste of Gujarat

At Woods at Sasan, Swadesh pays homage to the excellence of Gujarati cuisine - an array of delicacies that combine healthy ingredients and wonderful flavours. Our speciality is a contemporary vegetarian thali inspired by the region’s culinary heritage.

Swadesh Regional Dining

Our best-kept secret

Meet Narmadaben the wizard behind our Swadesh thali. Known affectionately as ‘Kaki’ to all, her magic hands and warm heart are the secret to the flavourful, sumptuous and very satisfying meal.

Kept Secret

When in Swadesh

Enjoy the Swadesh thali in true Gujarati style - accompanied by lilting folk music performed live during weekends. Feel the spirit of rural Gujarat in the traditional mud-work walls, the threadwork installations and the hospitality of our dedicated staff.

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