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"Life is shaped by a series of inter-connected
experiences of the self, people and our environments."

The Soul of Woods at Sasan

Woods at Sasan ‘grew’ out of a belief in a sustainable and meaningful ecosystem of hospitality. It draws upon the natural terrain and local culture to shape its philosophies with regard to its architecture, the environment and the spirit of hosting.

The resort is built in and around an 8-acre mango orchard with over 280 trees that yield a sizable mango crop in the summertime, and attract a variety of insects, birds and wildlife. An oasis of quiet, lush greenery that merges into the forests of Gir, the 38-key property is a serene blend of contemporary spaces and culture-inspired interiors that merge into the landscape. With spaces designed for clear, natural lighting and an uninterrupted view of the orchard or the forest, one may enjoy living within nature with all the conveniences that the heart desires.

Biophilic and Inclusive Design

Biophilic design calls for a connection between nature and the built environment. At Woods at Sasan, an intermingling of nature and architecture reconnects the self to the living world and makes for a healthful and rejuvenating environment for guests.

With the trees in the orchard and the forest greenery, the air at the resort has 33% less CO2 than the average air that we breathe. In addition, the soil of the resort is free of chemicals and bio-hazardous materials. The use of local stone for walls and paving, natural lime plasters, wood panelling and bamboo based materials and products, minimize concrete usage and reduce carbon footprint.

The Guest Stays are designed to catch the gentle rays of the rising sun and reduce exposure to the mid-day heat, an architectural intervention that contributes to approximately 26% energy savings. The resort has also minimised plastic use by 90%.

More that 40% of the staff are locals – as Woods at Sasan grows, so does the local economy. The resort also plays an active role in supporting and preserving local culture and crafts.

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About 1000 Island Hotels and Resorts

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Woods at Sasan is the flagship venture of 1000 Island Hotels and Resorts, a hospitality signature that brings people closer to themselves and the environment.

1000 Island Hotels and Resort follows a ‘Destination First’ approach, that focuses on bringing the essence of a place to the fore by drawing upon local culture and materials for inspiration and creating a dialogue between the architecture, the environment and the people. The properties co-exist with and within unique communities and rich local cultures that offer genuine experiences of a place to guests.

About the 1000 Island Atelier

At the heart of each 1000 Island venture is the 1000 Island atelier, a family of professionals that creates intelligent designs that help shape the face of hospitality in India. A design-led approach guides the team, implementing practices, products and services that are thoughtful and environmentally sound. The use of natural and handmade products, locally sourced or reclaimed wood, sustainable architectural and practices and farm-fresh, locally grown vegetables, form a few core practices that define the atelier’s approach to a sustainable system of hospitality.

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