Nutritional retreat founded on sattvic principles

At Woods At Sasan, we not only care for our guests’ food but their food habits. Not just what but how and when we eat. Sattvic diet promotes food habits that is pure, essential, natural, energy-giving. Explore different choices of our delicious, premium, nutritional meal plans.


Sattvic lifestyle principles

Woods at Sasan provides holistic wellbeing experience that cares for our guests’ food habits - not just what but how and when we eat. Sattvic lifestyle promotes food habits that is pure, essential, natural, energy-giving, conscious, honest and wise. Our care for the guests’ wellbeing is founded on 4 sattvic lifestyle principles.


Living & wholesome food

Food that comes straight from sources that are known, not processed or manufactured so to not subtract its natural elements.


Promotes mindful food choices

Increased awareness in on community involvement in ingredient sourcing and nutritional and cultural properties of food.


Multi-sensory experience

Immersive experience carefully considering - not just what but - how food is enjoyed.


Circadian rhythm of food experience

Living in tune with what nature offers - our inner body being in synch with rising and setting of the sun to fine-tune our balance.

Explore nutritional meal plans

We have carefully researched and developed nutritional meal plans to suit our guests’ modern-day nutritional needs. You can book these meal plans directly on our website or you can contact us for more information.

Nutritional Full Board Plan

3 Delicious Nutritional Meals
9:30am Healthy, nutritional breakfast with daily selection of cook-to-order plates
12:30pm Light, three-course nutritional lunch
7:30pm Course dinner at any outlet of choice
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Sattvic Full Board Plan

5 premium meals based on 14hr sattvic fast principles
On Request Optional pre-breakfast in private
9:30am Healthy, nutritional breakfast, at your own pace
12:30pm Celebratory, social, long-lunch
4:30pm Afternoon Tea
7:30pm Signature dining experience of calm and intension, ‘Silent Dinner’
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Otherwise, share your contact details and our team will reach out to you with more information

Historic, religious and cultural background of sattvic food habits

Divinising food by first offering it to the gods has been a ritual since time immemorial across all cultures. Association of food with divinity is evident in these rituals, yet another question arises. Does food become divine by virtue of its offering to the gods? Does it lose its divine connection in the absence of said offering? Throughout time, all cultures have been promoting traditional, seasonal, and local food that should be eaten in gratitude and remembrance of a higher power.

This ancient wisdom of sattvic diet touches upon a wide spectrum of matters related to our physical, mental and spiritual health. At the core of this wisdom lies the idea that an ideal, balanced human existence requires a restful soul, a regulated mind and a healthy body. And it all begins with sattvic diet, which has always been a foundational human food habit, whether consciously or unconsciously.

Sattvic lifestyle as foundation for holistic health

Sattva means quality of purity and sat means truth, so in its totality sattvic diet is interpreted as eating simple, pure, wholesome food that is eaten of honest earnings and gratitude. Sattvic food synergises with our inner prana or cosmic energy and resonates perfectly with our circadian rhythms. Consequently, the virtue that is sattva, becomes us when we consume sattvic food rich in energy and nutrition; fresh from the source; light on seasoning; and of course, cooked with love. A lifestyle deeply rooted in sattvic habits promotes longevity, keeps our minds relaxed, our spirits high and our souls at peace. With such clarity and calm, we can achieve excellence in every action; after all isn’t that one of the purposes of human life?

Woods at Sasan sattvic cuisine

  • Prepared in calm, pleasant environment with lots of love
  • Provides the right amount of prana (cosmic energy)
  • Is the purest form of diet - fresh, seasonal, local, plant-based and organic
  • Is more raw and whole foods with less unnecessary cooking
  • Puts body and mind in state of calm and energised clarity, therefore in balance
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Our sattvic food pledge

  • Living, fresh & organic ingredients
  • Ethical buying
  • Wholesome food
  • Non-toxin property
  • Use of good fats and plant based oils
  • Calm and pleasant kitchen atmosphere
  • Six tastes in every meal - Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter, Pungent Astringent
  • Herbal infused beverages
  • Moderate food portions
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