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A three week digital well-being program

A curated well-being program that provides one-on-one access to our certified practitioners who will help you delve into details of your Prakriti Doshā, receive Ayurvedic diet recommendations and personalized guidance on yogasanas and meditation, all from the safety of your home, through telephonic and online mediums.

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wellness icon What is Som?

Som is a Way of Life

The literal translation of Som is ‘happiness’,’peace’. The journey to Som is a path of well-being through holistic care and positive lifestyle changes, aligned metabolism, and better immunity for a balanced body and a healthier mind. More...

While Som is synonymous to a compendium of meanings we can apply to our life, musings, well-being and more — in essence it is believed to be the rasa of immortality. Also called Amrit. Alternately, as scriptures say, if one goes deeper, it is an omnipresent elixir that one can discover, observe and live in a state of higher consciousness. Done...

Som is a space for Yoga, Ayurveda and Inner well-being

Founded on ancient Indian principles of holistic living, Som at Woods at Sasan, offers a way to harmonize the mind, body and spirit through a range of treatments that cover Ayurvedā, Yoga and Meditation. Situated amidst the forest, Som provides the ideal escape to explore serenity and relaxation through scented, aromatic oils and spices.

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What is the Search for Som?

For centuries, Man has been on an eternal quest for an experience of “Anandā” or bliss and “Somā” or the nectar of immortality. Both these however, are not external elements. They arise from the core of our own being. Som is your inner elixir, which the soul forever searches.

What does Som mean today?

The world is currently dealing with a crisis that has brought life to a standstill; and is questioning mankind and its very survival. Thus concern about health has taken the global center stage and the quest for blissful well-being has deepened. More...

While we all are following certain practices, let’s look back at our roots and pick a page from there. Ayurveda is a science of life that teaches one how to maintain a healthy and happy way of living. The knowledge of Ayurvedas is based on the concept ‘dinacharyā’ (daily routines) and ‘ritucharyā’ (dietary and lifestyle routines). Ayurveda simplistically focuses on uplifting a person’s healthy life and transformation around it. Done...

Begin your ‘In Search of Som’ Journey
What is ‘In Search of Som’ Digital Well-being Program?

Keeping the present scenario in mind, Woods at Sasan brings you ‘In Search of Som’, a three week digital well-being program that will guide you in the journey towards your personal health goals by helping you determine choice of lifestyle, therapies and nutrition. In Search of Som will give you the opportunity to get answers to all your physical health and mental and emotional balance related queries. More...

Self-discovery and renewal require preliminary purification. Purification, as ancient wisdom says, is more than cleansing the body. It involves rest, reduction of movement, silence and stillness. It is a reflection and observation of our routines to ponder with gratitude and bring change — to make way for the newness that was always there, but never found before.

Over a period of 3 weeks, you will get the opportunity to consult one-on-one with Ayurveda Specialist, certified Yoga Practitioner and Wellness Cuisine Experts and delve into details of your Prakriti Doshā, receive Ayurvedic diet recommendations and personalized guidance on yogāsanās and meditation, all from the safety of your home, through telephonic and online mediums. Done...

Meet our Certified Practitioners
Program fee INR 4500 (Including all taxes)
The ‘In Search of Som’ Digital Well-being Program Includes…
Discover Your Dosha
Week One
Discover Your Dosha
60 minutes duration
Your In Search of Som journey begins with a consultation with our in-house expert to help you discover your doshā and craft the ideal way forward to achieve your individual health goals.
Yoga & Meditation
Week Two
Yoga & Meditation Session
60 minutes duration
Yoga or ‘that which yokes together or unites’ is a way of merging the jivātma (individual self) with the paramātma (universal self). Apart from āsanās and prānayamā, you can learn techniques like yoga nindrā and meditation from our yoga instructor in this online session, to destress and declutter the mind and reconnect with your inner spiritual self.
Week Three
Personal Diet Consultation
60 minutes duration
A personalized session with our Wellness Cuisine Expert that helps you discover ancient Indian food philosophies and guides you towards a tailor made 3 months diet plan, diet recommendations and wellness and immunity recipes suited specifically to your needs.
Progress Discussion & Future Recommendations
30 minutes duration
Conclude with future Ayurveda treatment recommendations so that your journey In Search of Som doesn’t end here.
Begin your ‘In Search of Som’ Journey

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