In accordance with Covid-19 guidelines, all visitors must submit their RT-PCR negative report, which they must have received within 72 hours of their travel. If visitors have got both the vaccination doses and have the certificate, they can arrive without doing a RT-PCR test.

Experience Boards

The current pandemic situation has made us realize that the one with a healthy body and mind will remain unscathed from such uncertainties, making it crystal clear that, health is definitely wealth and well-being is the new normal. Woods at Sasan brings you a series of Experience Boards, which comprise curated special offers dedicated to holistic well-being, festivities and celebrations, work or wellness vacations, recreational or therapeutic activities, and much more. Our Experience Boards draw upon the sensibilities of both traditional and modern design-led practices to ensure that your stay with us is meaningful and multidimensional. We aim to normalize well-being practices and make them part of our lifestyle in the new normal world.

As we step into the best season to 'witness the wilderness', Woods At Sasan welcomes you into the immersive world of Gir through a series of enriching experiences!

With GAME - Into the Wild; a luxurious curation by Woods, we become the binoculars to the 'Life of the land', through carefully stitched experiences that go beyond the allure of the Asiatic lions. Known to be among the finest destinations for Birding, Safaris & transformative game drives, Sasan Gir is also a treasure trough of ancient folklore, sumptuous local cuisine cultures & traditions.

Game-Into the Wild by Woods at Sasan, is a passage to explore these unique nature immersive escapades like never before. From luxury 'Escorted Safaris' in a private open gypsy (Devaliya Park or Gir National Park) to BBQ dinners by the pit, one can go on a beaded journey for a stimulating yet restful stay between a Mango Orchard. Mornings at Woods may often begin with an exclusive 'Bonnet Breakfast' under the open sky, as you listen to the tales of land together with our head naturalist.

With our thoughtfully designed luxury escapades, take a leap out of 'the routine' & witness the rare wildlife of the Gir forest. Journey inwards with artfully created meals & relieve yourself of the daily drain through personalized therapies & wellbeing treatments, supplementing your journey of adventure, and holistic wellbeing!


  • 1 Escorted Forest/Devaliya safari: An exclusive to Woods escorted safari in the private open gyspy of Gir National Park/Devaliya Safari Park with our resident naturalists in search of Asiatic lions, Leopards, small cats, herbivores & birds.
  • 1 Signature SOM Experience - "Sonorium" Session - Sound Therapy for Couple.
  • 1 Bonet breakfast: Ride through the trails in an open gypsy to experience the breakfast with a sunrise view.
  • 1 BBQ Dinner: A culinary experience with all the flavours of private dining. Where our chef creates culinary delights that are roasted to perfection and suited to your palate while your private butler waits on you.
  • 1 Swadesh Dining: Our signature restaurant, Swadesh or ‘my country’ reflects the unique local flavours of a region.

Retreat Experiences

  • Cycling: Pedal away without care along the meandering river Hiran.
  • Pottery: Get your hands dirty and you mind focussed with some experimental throwing on a traditional potter’s wheel.
  • Woods Screening: Films and documentaries on nature, wildlife, communities, sustainability and the planet.
  • Sunrise and Sunset Yoga: Stretches and asanas just when your body needs it the most.
  • Soulful Musical Evenings: Live music with feted musicians from round the country.


  • Little Picasso (Sketching activity): Sketch from nature the best teacher and improve observational and representational skills with our expert artist.
  • Towel Art: Why look at a towel as a simple rectangle when it can be so much more? Learn the art of towel origami and enhance DIY skills.
  • Pastry Art: Decorate a cake with your own special design. For when you can have your cake, decorate it, and eat it too!

Travel to Heal

In the recent times, where some of us have paused to think, some of us have become restless to take action. Travel to Heal offers to translate that reflection into wise action through a set of bespoke experiences encompassing both ends of the health spectrum–the physical and spiritual.

taste of som
Healing Immersed in Ayurvedic Wisdom.
Personalized holistic care immersed in the natural goodness of Ayurveda to help you unwind and reconnect with yourself.
Experience Boards

3 Nights & 4 Days (Double Occupancy)

starting at INR 45,999*

starting at Woods Studio: INR 45,999*
starting at Woods Pavilion: INR 59,999*

In addition, choose from 1 x Mindfulness Experience and 1 x Retreat Experience per day.


  • A personal wellness consultation.
  • One Woods Touch Therapy / room.
  • 20% Discounts on all 60min and 90min Treatments at SOM.
  • Daily group sunrise and sunset yoga.
  • 1 group meditation session per person.
  • 1 group Mantra Chanting session per person.


  • Nature walk and bird watching.
  • Ayurveda Herb Plantation Tour.
  • Farming Experience with our Chief Horticulturist.

Retreat Experiences

  • Pottery.
  • Cycling.
  • Stories of Gir with local Islanders.
  • Woods Film Screening.
  • Moon Gazing through our telescope.

Culinary experiences

  • Full Board is included.
  • In addition to the Wellness breakfast served at Terracotta Orchard, choose from:
    1. Personalised Woods Culinary Options.
  • Som Aahar- Sattvic rejuvenation diet.
  • Wellness Minibar- choices of healthy juices delivered fresh to your mini bar daily.


  • Accomodation for 2 people.
  • Full Board as per the culinary experiences.
  • 2 pieces of laundry per person per stay
  • Complimentary stay for one child under 11 years without extra bed
  • Complimentary Childcare experiences to coincide with treatment times.
journey to som
Journey to SOM
A five-day sojourn of inner well-being.
A holistic programme fully dedicated to inner and outer well-being through personal consultation.
Experience Boards

5 Nights & 6 Days,

starting at INR 74,999*

starting at Woods Pavilion Single Occupancy: INR 74,999*
starting at Woods Pavilion Double Occupancy: INR 1,49,999*

In addition, choose from 1 x mindfulness and 1 x retreat experience per day.


Som Dinchar: A 5 day personalized wellness routine, including initial consultation, treatments, assessment of the treatment process, journey to discover your inner Som and take home rituals.


  • Nature walk and bird watching.
  • Ayurveda Herb Plantation Tour.
  • Farming Experience with our Chief Horticulturist.

Retreat Experiences

  • Pottery .
  • Cycling.
  • Stories of Gir with local Islanders.
  • Woods Film Screening.
  • Moon Gazing through our telescope.

Culinary Journey

  • Personalized nutrition consultation with our Wellness Cuisine Expert.
  • Wellness breakfast.
  • Som Aahar- Sattvic rejuvenation diet.
  • Wellness Minibar - choices of healthy juices delivered fresh to your mini bar daily.


  • Pay for any 90min Treatments and get a 60min Treatment as a Gift, on every booking. (Choice of any 1)
    • A tailor-made combination of Holistic Therapies per person/ per room.
    • One Personalised Yoga Teaching Class.
    • Forest Listening: a walk through the forest to connect with the sounds of nature.
    • One Personalised Session of Mantra Chanting.
  • Personalized Wellness Consultation.
  • Initiating remedies based on your dosha type to commence detox.
  • Discovery Sessions– Immersive learning experience for self.
  • One group meditation session.
  • Full Board as per the culinary experiences.
  • Complimentary stay for one child under 11 years without extra bed.
  • Child Engagement- Monitored activities for your children.
  • 2 pieces complimentary laundry per person per day.
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Amendments or cancellations of arrival dates must be made 30 days prior to the date of arrival.
Game package rates are not applicable from 27th Oct to 3rd Nov 2024 & 22nd Dec 2024 to 02nd Jan 2025.

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