• • Check-in shall be allowed only on presentation of a valid RT-PCR Negative Test Report with a Swab Collection Time Stamp of not more than 72 hours prior to check-in time.
  • • Details of the guest (travel history, medical condition etc.) along with ID and self declaration form must be provided at the reception.
  • • All the visitors including accompanying driver need to present a valid RT-PCR Negative Test Report. The drivers too will not be allowed to go out of the property to any of the areas/villages in the vicinity. ( Please see our Bubble pickup details for a stress free journey ).
  • • All those Guests travelling from outside of Gujarat – In addition to above points, they are also requested to refer to the current Gujarat Government interstate travel regulations.
  • • Guests arriving with a COVID vaccination final certificate (after 2 doses of vaccination) are exempted from producing a valid RT-PCR Negative Test Report.
  • • We will pick up and drop facility form your home to our property.
  • • Chauffer’s health status will be Covid Negative in accordance with Bio-bubble Protocols.
  • • Sanitization of all high-risk touch points in the vehicle will be done. Chauffeur will wear protective gear (mask). There will be minimal interaction between chauffeur and guests. Hand sanitizer & Safety kit will be kept in all vehicles.
  • • Our cars are sanitized using safe sanitizing chemicals and fogger machine before each trip and equipped with an individual guest pack including high quality fabric mask, sanitizer, and wipes. Guests will receive a welcome pack with a QR code based app which allows real time access to all hotel information and services.
  • • All arriving guests are greeted with a ‘ Namaste ‘at the reception. No Aarti Tikka, No garland. This is followed by a temperature check.
  • • Mask will be provided if required.
  • • Islanders will all be masked and having disposable gloves ( at reception & restaurant ).
  • • Sanitizer will be kept at Reception & Restaurant which will be offered to them for use. A bottle will be placed in every Guest Room too.
  • • Social distancing will be maintained and an RT PCR test certificate declaring the guests health status will be collected along with a ‘signature only’ on the GRC. The guest ‘s “arrival from and to” will be strictly noted.
  • • Much information will be solicited in the pre-arrival email communication to expedite the check-in process. Soft copies of ID will be asked in advance during the reservation itself. The ID’s will be verified once the guest arrives without touching them. We will fill up the form and keep it ready for them to just sign.
  • • To secure the mode of payment, full advance of the stay needs to be transferred by the guests before check-in.
  • • A speedy check in with the correct room blocked as per the guest preferences will be our endeavour.
  • • All guest stationary like pens used at front desk will be sanitized after single use.
  • • Buggy will be disinfected after each use.
  • • Allocation of rooms with adjacent rooms vacant, if occupancy permits.
  • • The Look Books kept in the Lounge will be sanitized post every guest handling.
  • • Baggage is sanitized with fogging and UV.
  • • Automatic hand sanitizer, wipes, masks, and footwear sanitizers are available at locations across the resort premises . All public areas will have seating with adequate distancing.
  • • To avoid delay at the time of departure and to avoid crowds at the front desk , the guests will be requested to clear their outstanding if any before the previous night.
  • • Mini bar will be complimentary, however refilling will be chargeable and it will be charged on the room bill so there is only one point of handling . Luggage assistance will be given at the time of departure.
  • • Since the occupancy is low immediate co-ordination of checkout rooms between Front-Office and Housekeeping is possible.
  • • Post Departure communication will be done on emails or messages only if possible. This is to avoid too many Islanders using the telephone instrument on the premises.
  • • All room surfaces and public areas will be sanitized regularly with safe disinfecting chemicals and UV sanitization.
  • • Sanitized surfaces in Rooms, Restaurant, Spa and other public areas will be checked with ATP monitoring device to ascertain the efficiency of cleaning and sanitization.
  • • Rooms certified with complete sanitization will be pre-allocated.
  • • After the departure of guest, room will be allocated only after thorough sanitization.
  • • During the stay Housekeeping Assistant will wear single use sanitised disposable gloves and mask before commencing room cleaning.
  • • After thorough cleaning of the room, all the areas and surfaces are carefully sanitized with a three stage sanitization process including, safe certified chemical sanitizer, ULV fogger and UV sanitizer for all corners, fabrics and surfaces.
  • • All ventilation and air-conditioning units in rooms will be cleaned and sanitized frequently using Steam Pressure machines.
  • • As per government health advisory guest room temperature modulation would be maintained at 24ºC.
  • • All amenities, linen, and glassware used in rooms, will be UV sanitised daily.
  • • Guest laundry is collected and delivered from outside the room with minimized contact. Laundry is pre-soaked with safe certified laundry sanitization chemical for a complete sanitized process.
  • • Woods signature Ginger, Lemon & Honey infusion will now be placed as a concentrate at Mango Bar and guests are advised to consume this throughout the day adding hot water for a natural boost of wellbeing and immunity. (This availability can be briefed to them on arrival).
  • • Limited restaurant seating and staggered meal timings will be followed when it is required to ensure minimum distancing between tables.
  • • Every guest or family will be seated on a fresh table which once used will not be made available for reseating to any other guest during the same meal period.
  • • No buffet service at breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • • Fresh food preparation as per the order and service will be direct from kitchen to table for all menu items.
  • • All members of the restaurant team will wear mask and gloves and all our Chefs would wear mask and gloves while preparing orders.
  • • All menus will use fresh, local produce. The menus will be dynamic with flexibility to customize the offering for each individual guest.
  • • Digital menus will be provided to guests either to pre-order from rooms or order when seated in the restaurant.
  • • High temperature washing and UV sterilizing of all crockery and silverware will be followed.
  • • There will be a trained medical staff on the premises for the health and safety.
  • • Temperature and COVID 19 symptoms check for all staff at the time of entry will be done.
  • • Staff members with abnormal temperatures or other symptoms are denied entry into the resort.
  • • The said staff members to be immediately isolated and undergo COVID 19 testing.
  • • We will keep Rapid Test kits available at the unit.
  • • If found negative they can report for duty.
  • • If found positive, they will be treated for the virus at a designated facility or quarantined at our dedicated quarantine facility (as per advice of a Doctor).
  • • All the concerned staff member’s primary contacts will undergo COVID 19 testing and follow the above SOP.
  • • If guest or staff informs of symptoms of COVID-19 symptoms, immediate isolation will be done into pre-determined rooms identified for this purpose.
  • • A trained response team member will attend to the guest/staff immediately - in complete protective wear.
  • • Retreat will inform the same on the local Covid related helpline or designated hospital. Health Authorities may send a team to check the patient or request for patient to be sent to the designated hospital for a diagnostic test.
  • • If test result positive, patient will be hospitalized and immediate family/ designated will be informed.
  • • If the test result is negative, guest/staff will undergo 7-days self-isolation in the Isolation room identified in the retreat with all safety measures in place.
  • • All staff members at the resort are tested for COVID 19 every 15 days.
  • • If found positive they will be treated for the virus at a designated facility or quarantined at our dedicated quarantine facility (as per advice of a Doctor)

Yes, testing will be done as per the Government’s guidelines.

Yes, based on the guidelines of the state government. As of now it is not applicable.

Yes, from your home state you need to follow the guidelines.

Government protocols are must for you to follow. Use of masks and sanitizers are important.

Different airlines follow their routine procedures in newer ways because of Covid, kindly check with the airline.

Airline will take necessary action before boarding.

Yes, procedures have changed as per different airlines, kindly check with respective airlines.

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