Wellness Retreats for the Whole Family: How to Create a Memorable Experience at Woods At Sasan

8th June, 2023
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Why a wellbeing retreat for the family – quality time, healthy habits and better self-care practices in children

Wellness retreats are fast catching up as an ideal family time retreat as well. The qualities that define a retreat – time away from the busyness of daily life, a break from the internet, and an abundance of green spaces, are also an ideal platform for families to reconnect. Woods At Sasan in the forests of Sasan Gir, far from the commotion of the city, with family friendly amenities and lots of activities for all age groups, is ideally situated for a mindful, luxury-wellbeing break for the family.

In the quietude of a retreat, quality time takes centre-stage. Away from the distractions of work, school, and technology, families can find time to bond over shared wellness activities. A good retreat will offer a range of experiences that can be enjoyed across age groups while also emphasising on healthy living practices, such as nutritious meals, physical activities, and mindfulness exercises. Experiencing these practices together as a family inspire and motivate children, especially when they see siblings and parents actively enjoying them. Wellness retreats introduce families to new and enjoyable ways of staying active, eating well, and managing stress, which can have a long-lasting impact on their overall health and well-being. Retreats that offer creative expression through sketching and painting, pottery and similar crafts encourage creative expression, helping children develop emotional intelligence, and also improving hand-eye coordination. They also help in destressing and maintaining emotional balance, helping children navigate the challenges of a modern childhood.

Family-wellbeing activities at Woods At Sasan

At Woods At Sasan, family wellbeing activities promote adventure, mindfulness and awareness, as well as healthy habits. An escorted wildlife safari with all the thrills of nature- watching builds familial bonds, while yoga, meditation and sundowner experiences encourage mindfulness and a sense of deep peace within the individual as well as the family unit. The chef at the retreat is always happy to share and teach healthy meal preparations – quick and easy to assemble and full of nutrients. These interactive sessions with the family also teach children what a good diet is through hands-on participation and preparation. An introduction to farming, vegetable and fruit picking and composting helps families regain a sense of connection to nature and sets children off into an exploration of sustainability and environmentalism .

Family wellbeing retreats at Woods At Sasan are full of opportunities to explore nature, and enjoy quality time without the distractions and responsibilities of their everyday lives. This focused time allows families to reconnect, strengthen their bonds, and build a sense of unity and belonging. By prioritizing wellness and self-care as a family, individuals are more likely to feel supported, loved, and valued, which contributes to their overall happiness and well-being.

Tips for memorable family wellness retreat

If you’re interested in a family wellbeing retreat, planning the trip with a variety of things to do is a good way to ensure a well-rounded experience. An ideal retreat is a good balance of stimulation and relaxation, to get the flow of communication going both within the family and with oneself. At the end of a good retreat, the family feels more connected with each other while also building new friendships and a stock of experiences to treasure, discuss and laugh or marvel over for years to come.

So when vacation time comes around this year, book yourself and your family some valuable we-time at your favourite wellbeing retreat.




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