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21st April, 2021

A creative and forward-thinking hub. With our heart in hospitality inspired by design and lifestyle.

As we introduce this digital conversation in 2021 –– when hospitality, travel and tourism are seeing unforeseen changes –– there is no better time than now to share why we initiated 1000 Island with an unusual seed of thought in hospitality. Bringing biophilic design to our stays, opening doors for local culture to influence our choices in building teams, retreat experiences; and always being mindful of how our built environment interacts with the earth and the ecosystem we inhabit.

Designing hospitality of meaning and hope.

Hospitality has seen several long years of five-star premises that take people away from their homes for a few days of a luxurious lifestyle. Our philosophy brings premium stays with a lifestyle that enriches people with experiences close to nature, immersion in self-discovery and take-home ideas of well-being that feel far from temporary.

Our promise of eco-conscious lifestyle and progressive hospitality is our flagship retreat Woods at Sasan.

A mango orchard adjacent to the world’s only sanctuary of Asiatic Lions, hosting a pastiche of local tribes, blending indigenous cultures at the foothills of Girnar with those migrated from other continents. Close to the spiritual land of Somnath, the resort is tucked away from the city life in Gujarat (India).

We invite you to discover an undiscovered travel destination, a journey of inner well-being and an exploration of native and indigenous tribes co-existing with lions for generations. We are a five-star lifestyle retreat, light years away from a typical hospitality existence of enclosed spaces and concrete-heavy environments.

We continue on a positive note and pray for the good health of the earth and higher consciousness towards our carbon footprint.

1000 Island journal brings you stories from our retreat on culture, our design philosophy, well-being wisdom through Yoga and Ayurveda, local tales that inspire lifestyle, lost recipes and more.




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