Camp Woods: A playful, fun-filled summer break.

4th May, 2023

Forest and nature immersions are a proven way to relax and realign our faculties. Our vacations are often planned around nature-rich getaways as we intrinsically seek out nature for holistic healing and overall wellbeing. As children, our best holidays were spent out-of-doors, running through tall grasses, climbing trees, and generally having a wild time in the great outdoors.

Contact with nature while growing up heals and rejuvenates and also shapes our future experiences, and summer camps are a wonderful way for children to experience nature and connect with it in all its beauty and diversity. It is a great teacher and has a significant role in the physical, cognitive, emotional and social development of children. Children are generally more playful in the outdoors, especially in the company of other children, and working in groups encourages team spirit and builds friendships. Camp activities like nature exploration and wildlife study encourage curiosity and patience, and help children build a natural empathy with all living creatures and become more eco-conscious. Interacting with locals, going on walking or cycling tours help develop camaraderie, build self-confidence and instill a spirit of adventure in kids – all traits that serve well in later life. Children who are able to spend quality time in nature have shown improvement in attention spans, problem-solving abilities and creativity, as well as reduced stress and anxiety, and improved mood and self-esteem.

Camp Woods, a summer camp conducted by Woods At Sasan in the Gir forest of Gujarat, offers a holistic camp experience to children . As the first retreat in India built according to biophilic design principles, it offers a nature rich experience. With over 400 trees across 16 acres, it is a veritable garden of delights for children, especially during summer, when they can pick ripe mangoes off the trees, and spend time observing the many birds, insects and butterflies at the retreat. Camp Woods specialises in children-oriented experiences that promote personal growth while focussed on having lots of fun. Interactive cooking sessions, fascinating star-gazing and immersive art sessions, adventurous excursions onto nature trails and into the village, teach children about sustainable living, mindfulness, problem solving, building resilience, teamwork and creativity, while spending time out-of-doors, and off the screens.

A true summer vacation to remember.




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