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3rd November, 2022
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These days, a happy life – stress-free, mindful and healthy is what we yearn for more than ever. In the pursuit of this happiness, we try very many ways, with electronic downtime, regular exercise and meditation often topping the list. But what if the path to happiness was simpler and much more every day than we thought?

What if the adage “You are what you eat” were true?

In India, yogis have traditionally followed what is known as a Sattvic diet as expounded in Ayurveda. Sattva describes the quality of purity, and a sattvic bhojan may be described as the practice of eating simple, pure and wholesome food that is ethically sourced and consumed with gratitude.

Science states that life is about energy and its transference from one form or state to another. And the same belief is echoed in the wisdom of Ayurveda – sattvic foods are abundant in prana or life force, full of positivity, and therefore believed to increase energy, happiness, calmness and mental clarity. A sattvic Indian food synergises with our prana, enhances our cosmic energy and resets our circadian rhythm. It includes food that is local, plant-based and organic. In a nutshell, it translates to eating a diet that is vegetarian, seasonal and therefore very fresh. Whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruit, unsweetened fruit juices, nuts and seeds, legumes, select milk products, select spices and natural or unrefined sweeteners such as honey or molasses fall into the sattvic category, with fried and preserved foods off the menu as these processes are believed to deplete the food of their nutritive value.

It’s not just the food itself but also the environment in which the food is prepared that matters in a sattvic lifestyle – a clean and clutter-free kitchen is conducive to a better cooking experience and has a beneficial effect on the energy level of the chef too! A meal prepared with love and warmth imbibes positivity from the maker into the food, eventually transferring it to the final consumer of the meal – a concept that we wholeheartedly believe in at Woods At Sasan . Woven into our philosophy of a mindful life is the belief that nutrition plays a key role in achieving a state of positivity. In keeping with Ayurvedic precepts, the Woods At Sasan sattvic meal plan adheres to four principles – living and wholesome food, mindful food choices light on seasoning, a multi-sensorial experience of eating, and meals prepared and served in accordance with our circadian rhythm. Together, they form a powerfully energising and healthful diet that elevates the body and mind to a state of calm and balanced clarity. We know that in the long run, it translates into a lifestyle that promotes longevity and mental peace, and enhances clarity and calm, allowing us to achieve excellence in every action. After all, isn’t that one of the purposes of a life well lived?




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